Good food ingredients are the only sustainable way to be healthy and to keep healthy. Natura Natural Products source and provide the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, organic grains, organic legumes and organic legume flours to North America.

Our highest quality extra virgin olive oil is a product of oil trees in the ancient Greek city of Thyateira in modern Turkey which is now Akhisar where rests the remains of one of the seven churches cited in the Bible, the third in terms of importance, as well as the remains of the antique city, Thyateira.

The first planting and harvesting of olive trees goes back to 6000 years BC. The olive tree is strong and resilient, it endures the harshest weather conditions: cold and hot, continues to grow strong and bear fruit.

The motherland of olive trees is Anatolia which was then spread to other countries in the Mediterranean Region. The world’s oldest tree still bearing fruit is 1652+ years old and it is in Manisa, Kirkagac, Turkey.

The excavations in the antique city of Klazomenai in Urla Izmir, reveals the first workshop and tools for olive oil production. The technology which was used to produce olive oil 2600 years BC can still be used for production today. The amphoras specific to Klazomenai were used to store, transport and trade olive oil.